5 Best Tummy Melting Juice For Summer


Is your fat is ruining your figure and you don’t have time to work out hard and spend time at gym. Then here is good news for you. You can lose your fat before any big vacation and can drop a little bit in summer shorts. Here in this article follow the best tummy melting juices that are healthy for the summer options and you can feel and look great on a trip beach. So, here know the best tummy melting juices.

5 Best Tummy Melting Juices Are:


Cabbage – Cabbage helps in reducing extra fat as this is full of water as it contains 92 % of water. This is also full of many essential vitamins and helps to drain the extra fluids from the body. You can also eat cabbage with radicchio and endive salad to just change the taste. But remember not to take too much to cabbage as this can lead extra gas so it can be taken in a limit of you are taking cabbage as a salad then avoid taking juice of it.


Watermelon Smoothie – Watermelon is all time favorite and beneficial juice that is cooling down body in tropical climate and is excellent for flushing out the kidney and bladder, aiding in excretion of waste materials. This is terrific low calorie smoothie base that help in reducing body fat. This also contains arginine that helps in decreasing the body fat and increasing the muscle mass.


Water – Water is the best among all the juices so drink it as much as you can. This provides benefits to body and helps to remove any kind of toxins, alleviate bloating, keep you hydrated and even benefits in losing weight. This also controls your appetite just drink water before meal and it can control your appetite. You can add fruit like grapes or lime for best result and it can be great detox drink.


Pineapple – this is also very beneficial in reducing weight and is a sweet treat to reduce extra fat. This is also known for its mind booster technique, you can take a grilled pineapple chicken sandwich recipe to change the taste. A glass full of juice is very beneficial as it keep you energized whole day and burns fat.


Green Tea – Green tea is something that is not healthy but also helps to lose weight effectively. This not only detoxifies the body by eliminating harmful free radicals but also increases metabolism that help to burn calories naturally. This is healthy also it reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases and also benefits the entire body by reducing the belly fat. This comes with different flavors that change the boring tea into yummy tasty.


For quick and effective weight loss you can make use of the Tava Tea. This is best tea in burning fat and well known for its stimulating effect on metabolism. This is full of plenty of benefits as it boosts immune system and prevents premature aging. This is natural and helps in increasing metabolic rate and burns calories.


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