Losing weight naturally is common whether you are youngster, teenager or old. And main reason for anyone to gain weight is poor lifestyle including extra poor diet. Desserts and fried foods are mainly succulent food. Thus you have to control these added foods intake to control weight. Some tips and remedies are mentioned to help you lose excess weight with zero effort.


  1. Increase H20 intake

Not just weight loss, water is something that can be helpful in several other aspects. Enough of water will suppress your hunger and you will consume less extra food. We do not understand but quite a few times hunger demands only for sufficient water intake, rather heavy meal.

  1. Eliminate alcohol

Soda, alcoholic contents, coffee, etc comes with lots of calorie. Ordinary coke includes 140 calories. And the worst thing in this world is alcohol; apart from lots health side effects they have huge calorie content and slows down metabolism. Thus avoid it right now onwards.

  1. Exercise after every interval

Exercise is one of most useful ways to lose weight. Exercise do not means joining gym but moderate daily workout is enough, such as walk, few pus-ups after every while. Repetition of these activities frequently can enhance your metabolism for complete day.

  1. Eat salad

Salad is beneficial from its birth and even supports weight loss. This provides huge quantity of vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals. Moreo0ver you won’t even feel hungry enough and hence you will eat less extra fattening foods. Keep your salad on the side and dip your fork onto it after every while into it. This will help you to eat less than normal and supply all the flavors as well.

  1. Have more home cooked meals

Things like salad support this task to a great extent. Moreover you also get required amount of nutrients and proteins and you will also eat less sum of fattening food. Prepare large quantity of salad in morning and consume it all through the day. In fact not only salad but everything you wish to eat should be homemade and also take care of the proportionate of food on your own that you eat.

  1. Sleep

Minimum 7 to 8 hours of sleep in mandate. More or less sleep would bring its own side effects. Less sleep equals to more weight according to researchers. Hence it is advised to complete your required amount of sleep every day.

If above solution doesn’t help you then try some other remedy for weight loss. And the remedy is Green Tea. Yes Tava Tea is best remedy for weight loss that can help you get rid of excess weight and drop it in an effective manner with simply no harmful effects.


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